Top 3 Belgian Waffle Makers You Should Consider

Surely nothing is new under the sun; history has it that waffles have been here since the time of Jesus. Wafer irons and communion wafer irons emerged around 9th-10th centuries and characteristically had images of Jesus crucifixion. The wafer iron had little biblical scenes and emblematic designs. The name “waffle” is one of the alternative names that have been used in modern and medieval times across Europe. Let me put an end to this historical tirade. Fast forward 11 centuries later… “Ladies and gentlemen introducing the Belgian Waffle Maker!”

Best Pick : Presto 03510 FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

This great product from Presto is popular for all the right reasons, raked in over 3500 online review so far and still counting. This waffle iron was first listed on Amazon in 2004. It has a limited warranty, produces waffles that are 7 inches in diameter and has deep grid with four easy-to-cut sections. Well, here are some of the reasons why everyone is all over Presto 03510 Belgian Waffle Maker.

(a) The Belgian waffle maker is consistent in creating waffles of a crispy outer texture and fluffy tender inside. The design of the waffle maker makes it possible to have butter evenly spread by a single 180 degrees flip. Packing in about 1100 watts, this waffle maker delivers the appropriate amount of heat to produce a coherent, nice browning look despite the fact that it doesn’t have a browning control button. Varying browning degrees can be predetermined by the amount of time keyed in for baking.

(b) The digital countdown timer is an amazing addition to this waffle iron. You enter the amount of time required for the waffle to bake say 3 minutes 10 seconds and when the timer goes off your waffle is ready to eat. Steam stoppage way of baking waffles is an inaccurate method of determining your baking time. It cannot work as a standard approach for assorted waffle recipes. You don’t have to worry when it is half- way the total time so that you can flip the waffle maker, once you pour the butter just flip it. The standard time taken to bake a simple waffle recipe is a lot faster than other available waffle irons in the market.

(c) The non-stick interior makes cleaning as easy as ABC. The grid has studded-like structures which assist the baked waffle to detach from the grid. A drop of oil can help remove cooked batter stuck on the grid.

(d) Its structural design is an advantage to users that have small storage space. When locked, this waffle maker can be stored in a vertical position thus making a significant reduction on space required to keep it.

The only disconnect on this kitchen appliance is that the timer use lithium ion battery instead of AC that powers the appliance. Most users may not find this to be a problem for the reason that the timer uses extremely low energy; thus no need for battery change over an extended period of time. A crucial aspect to perfect execution by this waffle maker is following instructions to the latter. If you love it brown, crunchy, soft and luscious every morning on your breakfast table, Belgian waffle maker is your perfect tool. Its current retail price is $36.19

You now have the right kitchen appliance with you, so why not give you a few exceptional products that will place you on the track to becoming a ritualistic waffle baker.

1. Belgian Waffle mix by Classique Fare.

Founded on an original Belgian recipe, Belgian waffle mix comes in three different sizes: a pack of one, three pack and six pack each containing 2 pouches. This product has zero trans-fat and just enough baking powder to fully rise during baking, unlike other competing products in the market. The ingredients list indicates no presence of hydrogenated oils. The instructions make it easy to prepare.

The flavor is rich and awesome, every piece is simply yummy. In terms of savor and consistency this product is certainly first-class and worth trying. With the Belgian Waffle mix, Classique Fare delivered a masterpiece to the culinary fraternity. The six pack currently sells at $25 (without the shipping costs). This product is available in your local stores or online at

2. Stonewall Kitchen Farmhouse Pancake and Waffle Mix

This is another tasty addition to your list that will create a feeding frenzy on your family breakfast. Another product from Stonewall Kitchen, an American company that has over two decades experience in building and bringing great tastes to countless tables in America and around the world. This dual purpose mix is made of malted flour and has a full-bodied vanilla flavor.

It gives a golden brown outer look and fluffy texture on the inside. The waffles are crispy and for the waffle freaks that are not afraid to try out their own customized recipes, go on and have fun. Adding chocolate chips, cinnamon, blueberry, raspberries or nutmeg will kick in a twist to the entire mix. This is an authentic signature product that retails at an irresistible market price of $12.95

3. Carbon’s Golden Malted Pancake and Waffle Mix

An essential element on any good waffle would be the golden brown color and this waffle mix gives you just that. Simply add water and melted butter in the mix to make waffles and an egg, milk or buttermilk for pancakes. This mix is packaged in a 32-ounce resealable pack.

Created in 1937, this waffle cum pancake mix is made of the highest quality of ingredients blended with natural seasonings and premium malt. This original waffle mix has found its way to tables in some of the best hospitality establishments around the globe. It is presently selling at $11.58, this might be expensive for some buyers but 75 years of experience invested in this product is worth it.

Waffles have undergone evolution over the centuries; it merely began as water and flour being heated between two iron plates. In this day and age, a well done waffle calls for appropriate mix of ingredients and having the right kitchen appliance to give you desired results with precision. Don’t look any further; appropriate knowledge has been served on a platter and given on your hands. Wake up and smell the waffles.